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Culture- and education center MIR (MIR means “world” in Russian) is the WORLD of children and adults who are proud to say

We are Learning Russian!”

The main activity of Center MIR is early language development of Russian-speaking and bilingual children aged 1-15 years.

In the WORLD of kids (1-3 years) and in the WORLD of pre-schoolers (4-6 years) Russian is taught while playing, using the immersion method. In a classroom children learn letters, listen to stories and participate in them themselves, draw and crafts, sing songs and dance, play mobile and board games, and all this in Russian.

In the WORLD of school children (7 years and older) children receive the true “Bukvar” (the first book in a Russian school, ABC-book). But despite the fact that children already would like to appear older, they with great pleasure continue studying Russian in a fun, playful way.

In Center MIR has not forgotten and adults - for you, we offer a variety of courses of Russian as a foreign language.

Regardless of the age, of our main approach is active communication, which allows both children and adults "live" each new lesson and not just learn new letters, words and expressions.

Classes are taught exclusively by Russian speakers, experts in early childhood development and work with bilingual children.

For more information about the classes in each age group you can learn in the "WORLD of kids" and the "WORLD of adults".

Our team

Yevgeniya D'Ottaviano
Yevgeniya D'Ottaviano

Professional artistic gymnast, qualified coach and choreographer, experienced in teaching children in Switzerland. Teacher of rhythmic and choreography.

Choreography classes not only support physical development of children but also enrich them spiritually. I am happy to give children the joy of movement, help them to listen and hear the music, to develop a sense of rhythm and the ability to manage their own movements. Sincere smiles of my young dancers, their hard work and new achievements is the best reward for my effort. -
Liudmila Voron
Liudmila Voron

Back-office specialist

Marina Kortmann
Marina Kortmann

Teacher of the Russian language, preschool pedagogy and psychology, speech therapist.

The transfer of the native language of parents to children is a natural process, but in a foreign environment, its implementation acquires certain peculiarities and difficulties. Your child's bilingualism should not be viewed as a choice or a decision, on the contrary, it should be natural. I believe that by nature the child is endowed with activity and curiosity, he is able to self-development, including learning. It is important to maintain this need. And our primary task is to create the conditions necessary for its self-development, individuality, and internal capabilities. A warm and friendly atmosphere in the group helps to reveal the potential of children, develop their independence and confidence, and therefore motivate the natural curiosity of the child to the world of knowledge and mastery of the mother tongue. Learning a second language, native to the father or mother, the child learns its culture, thereby gaining a better understanding of himself: his behavior, attitude, mentality, character. -
Marina Sedova
Marina Sedova

Experienced teacher of visual arts, developer of educational programs for children

Elena Lazo
Elena Lazo

Head of School; parent, children and teenager coach.

Aksana Nikitsenko
Aksana Nikitsenko
Primary school teacher with professional experience in Belarus. She teaches Russian language and Mathematics.
Most important when working with children is to preserve her individual, special way of seeing, thinking and feeling. -
Julia Savrasova
Julia Savrasova

Children musical theater mastermind and moderator

Natalia Sigrist
Natalia Sigrist

Founder of the Center MIR.

My children have inspired me to found the child center in the city of Schaffhausen. They grow in the bilingual environment and I would like both languages to become their native tongues. The most important task for us is to spark the children’s interest in the language, so that they would not lose it with time. This is the main goal of our center. If a child shows an interest in learning the second language we should give her this opportunity. The classes should help not only to deepen the language knowledge, but also to improve memory, mathematical skills and logic which allow children to grasp the abstract sciences better. -
Katsiaryna Vertal
Katsiaryna Vertal

Primary school teacher and educational psychologist.


The main secret of success of Center MIR is its young, friendly and rapidly growing team. We are pleased to welcome to our ranks talented, extraordinary, bright, energetic professionals who truly love children and love what they do. If you would like to join us, please send your resume by e-mail info@mir-sh.ch.

We are looking for native Russian-speaking, qualified music, math and science teachers.

Press corner

Articles about the activities of Culture and Education Center MIR in periodicals and online media.


Contact us

The classes are held in the building of Rudolf Steiter Schule Schaffhausenwhich is situated five minutes away from the railway station Schaffhausen by foot, at the following address:

Vordersteig 20
CH-8200 Schaffhausen

You can reach us by foot (from Schaffhausen trainstation):

You can reach the school from the trainstation without crossing a street if you take the underpass "Landhaus-Bahnunterführung" and take the stairs on the left side of the firm "Unilever".

Then cross the garage forecourt and take the next stairs to reach "Beckengässchen". Follow this lane in the direction South and in about 100 m take the stair on the righ hand side to reach the territory of the school. Alternatively, you can reach "Vordersteig" through the roundabout "Obertor-Kreisel" taking the stairs next to the Georg Fischer memorial.

By car:

There are limited number of parking spaces on there territory of the school. They can be used only to bring and pick up children. Please follow the sign "Breite" to reach the school area. From the street "Steistrasse" turn to "Vodersteig". In appx. 100m turn left to the parking lot of the school.

Correspondence Address
MIR - Russische Sprache & Kultur 
Tannenstrasse 23
CH-8212 Neuhausen
+41 78 920 33 21
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